Crispy log with caramel and dark coffee praline. Dark chocolate couverture. Caramel splits. The bar of approximately 145 gr.


Ingredients: dark chocolate (cocoa beans, sugar, cocoa butter, emulsifier: lecithin of soy , natural vanilla extract), dark coffee chocolate couverture (cocoa mass, sucrose, cocoa butter, coffee, emulsifier: lecithin from soy ), cooked sugar praline (almonds , sugar), crunchy fleur de sel caramel (sugar, shortbread biscuit pieces 20%, wheat , sugar, butter (milk ), salt, vegetable fats: palm kernel, palm, vegetable oil: sunflower, caramel powder (10%) (whey , butter , maltodextrin, sugar, skimmed milk ), flour wheat , cocoa butter, powder whole milk , cocoa butter, cocoa mass, caramelized sugar (1.5), cocoa powder skimmed milk , almonds , whey powder, concentrated butter , lactose ), flavourings: natural vanilla flavorings and paprika extract, anhydrous milk fat , milk powder skimmed milk , fleur de sel (0.2%), barley malt , salt, blanched bitter almonds , stabilizer: sorbitol, emulsifier: lecithin of soy , decor (caramel chips).